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Implant Overdenture


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Welcome to the implant overdenture course. This course will show you how a patient was rehabilitated from his initial terminal dentition state with immediate transitional dentures followed by his implant overdenture rehabilitation phase. There will be emphasis on clinical treatment planning protocols and methodologies. We will also discuss in length the various options for rehabilitating patients.  Workflows for preliminary records, final impression techniques, centric relations including wax rims, gothic arch tracings and the reference denture technique will be discussed in depth. There will also be emphasis placed on manufacturing the final definitive restorations incorporating a mesh framework as well as doing a chairside conversion at the time of insertion for digitally fabricated monolithic digital dentures. We hope that you will join us and discover the ways In which you can apply these philosophies & methodology of treatment in your practice for your implant overdenture cases.  Let’s learn together and change dentures together!

This course has many hands-on learning instructions for various techniques. The purpose of this course is to elaborate on your current knowledge offering opportunities to critically think and evaluate each implant overdenture patients individually.  

What you will learn:

  1. Thorough Clinical Evaluations and Treatment
  2. Various Workflow Options For Implant Overdentures
  3. Manufacturing Processes, Analogue and Digital
  4. Chairside Conversions 
  5. Critical Analysis


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