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Learn how To Use A Patient’s Existing Denture As The Digital “Reference Denture” Using Your Lab Scanner.

How many times have you heard from your patient “I want this exact denture duplicated?” You then gasp, knowing that their expectations are high and there are significant challenges attempting to reproduce what feels “normal” to the patient. While some edentulous patients will need or want to replace a prosthesis they have been using for as few as five years, many will visit your office wearing a decades-old device. In my practice, I have replaced several prostheses my patients had been wearing for more than 30 years! Denture wearers use their prosthesis for longer than they would in an ideal scenario. They avoid change as they fear a new denture might not be as comfortable or aesthetically pleasing as their current device, to which they have become accustomed. Of course, clinicians experience fear, too. Many oral health professionals shy away from conducting removable prosthodontics treatment due to a lack of knowledge and/or experience. In many cases, they simply lack confidence in their ability deliver a truly optimal product that meets and exceeds their patients’ expectations. This has historically been a reasonable position. As a clinician, attempting to re-create an existing prosthesis with precision, predictability, and efficiency—effectively, to repeat an original, potentially decades-old outcome, which the patient finds agreeable—is difficult. This task is challenging in both analog and digital workflows, however it can be more predictable using digital denture technology. Most people are more familiar with the analog approach. Regardless of whether you are just starting out in your career or you are a seasoned professional who feels their current workflow is adequate, you should continually ask yourself: But is there a better way? Traditionally, reproducing a hand-crafted denture has been arduous; using traditional processes, it is virtually impossible to duplicate an existing prosthetic exactly. As any denturist knows, unfortunately, a handmade denture relies heavily on the hand-eye coordination and motor dexterity of the person fabricating it—which means dentures are exposed to significant potentialities for human error.

Follow along with Eric Kukucka DD. His step-by-step instructions will teach you exactly how to effectively Scan Existing / Reference Dentures; step- by- step instructions for scanning with a Lab Scanner.

*This course is ONLY the Lab Scanning portion.  Please see our course listings for the Lab Scanning- Reference Denture Design and Existing/ Reference Denture Clinical Protocol course.  

If you’re interested in all of the courses, you can purchase the full program for Existing/ Reference Denture: 

Lab Scanner Program Course Package Including: Clinical Protocols, Lab Scanning, Design 

Eric Kukucka DD: is president and owner of The Denture Center, in Southwestern Ontario. Eric is at once a prominent sales strategist and advocate for market best practices; he is a skillful oral health professional that is dedicated to creating high quality digital removable as well as fixed and fixed-detachable implant prosthetic restorations. In addition to his clinical practice, Eric regularly contributes to collaborative research projects and product development and testing initiatives at a global level. He currently resides in Windsor, Ontario.


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