Wax Rim Master Program Trios Intraoral Scanner


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TRIOS Master Course Package Includes:

The Wax Rim Workflow Master Package for the Trios includes both Clinical and Technical modules for the Wax Rim Workflow using a 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner. This package is for anyone wanting to use a Wax Rim in their Digital Denture Workflow. 

In the Clinical portion we will cover:

  • How to take proper preliminary records
  • How to measure vertical dimension
  • How to conduct an ideal wax rim registration appointment
  • Demonstrate taking a wash impression in a Wax Rim

In the Technical portion we will cover:

  • How to properly fabricate a Wax Rim
  • How to Scan Wax Rims with Models
  • How to Scan Wax Rims with Wash Impressions
  • An indepth 3Shape Digital Denture Designs

 Once you complete this course you will have complete knowledge and understanding of the Clinical and Technical aspects of the Wax Rim workflow using a 3Shape Intraoral Scanner. 

This course is recommended for Prosthodontists, General Dentists, Dental Technicians and Denturists. 

Module titles:

  1. Introduction to the Wax Rim Workflow
  2. Patient Evaluation and Preliminary Records
  3. Vertical Dimension Assessment 
  4. Centric Tray Registration 
  5. Scanning Preliminary Records with Trios 
  6. Fabrication of Digital Wax Rim Base Plates
  7. Fabrication of Wax Rim
  8. Clinical Evaluation of Wax Rims
  9. Registration of Centric Relation 
  10. Functional Impression in the Wax Rim 
  11. Scanning the Wax Rim with Models Trios  
  12. Scanning the Wax Rim with Wash Impressions Trios 
  13. 3Shape Design of Wax Rim Workflow Trios


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