Scan & Design Immediate Dentures Using TRIOS Package


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This course will cover how to effectively scan a patient for the fabrication of a digital immediate denture. We will cover proper order form creation, in depth scanning strategy using your Trios intraoral scanner for scanning the maxillary, mandibular and the bite registration including tips and tricks we have learned along the way.  Upon completion of this course and practice you will be able to implement digital immediate dentures in your practice. 

What you will learn:


  1. Proper Order Form Creation
  2. Scanning Maxillary
  3. Scanning Mandibular  
  4. Scanning Bite
  5. Exporting Case Through Communicate


  1. Proper Order Form Creation, Preparation Of Your Digital Impression Models 
  2. Adding Additional Scans 
  3. Digital Tooth Extraction Tools & Plane Cutting Tools 
  4. Class I & II Tooth Arrangements 
  5.  Digital Wax Up For Optimal Aesthetics And Functionality


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