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TRIOS Master Course Package Includes:

The Wax Rim Workflow Master Package for the Trios includes both Clinical and Technical modules for the Wax Rim Workflow using a 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner. This package is for anyone wanting to use a Wax Rim in their Digital Denture Workflow. 

In the Clinical portion we will cover:

  • How to take proper preliminary records
  • How to measure vertical dimension
  • How to conduct an ideal wax rim registration appointment
  • Demonstrate taking a wash impression in a Wax Rim

In the Technical portion we will cover:

  • How to properly fabricate a Wax Rim
  • How to Scan Wax Rims with Models
  • How to Scan Wax Rims with Wash Impressions
  • An indepth 3Shape Digital Denture Designs

 Once you complete this course you will have complete knowledge and understanding of the Clinical and Technical aspects of the Wax Rim workflow using a 3Shape Intraoral Scanner. 

This course is recommended for Prosthodontists, General Dentists, Dental Technicians and Denturists.